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DISCOVER PCM – The only methodology that allows you to discover the deep structure of the personality


The only methodology that allows you to discover the deep structure of the personality

Date: 17 and 18 April 2024 / Belgrade + livestream

What is the PCM model?

Many communication methodologies teach us (more or less successfully) how to communicate with different interlocutors. How to negotiate effectively. How to lobby. How to formulate a message and choose effective communication channels.

But only one methodology teaches us about who the people who communicate are.

PCM (Process Communication Model) is a model that reveals the deep structure of a person. It introduces us to our own communication needs, as well as the needs of the people we are in daily contact with. Where is the root of those needs. How to successfully understand and satisfy them. What is their relationship with the environment in which we work and live. How to reduce the effects of our own negative reactions in situations when those needs are not met.

PCM allows you to understand the mechanism behind the actions of different people in a business environment.

Welcome to Discover PCM training

Why should you participate in this training?

6 types of personality

You will get to know more about 6 types of personality that make the structure of each person


You will significantly improve your communication with different types of interlocutors

Psychological needs

You will learn how to communicate with different types of people to meet their specific psychological needs


You will learn how to adjust your managerial and communication style to each team member


You will learn how to recognize and understand conflicts at an early stage


The initial assessment will allow you to recognize your deepest needs and use your potential in the best way

Who uses PCM?

Psychosocial risk management is necessary to ensure prevention but also successful stress management in the work environment. We, at Siemens in Belgrade, in cooperation with consultants from the Atria Group, designed and implemented “MentalHealth @ Work” through the PCM model. This was a development project to obtain an objective picture and gather information about the current emotional state and stability, both individuals and teams, to identify all the strengths and development areas at the company level. Through this project, as individuals and organizations, we have started a dialogue on mental health, which is the responsibility of every socially responsible company, and all this would not be so easy if it were not for professional support and excellent cooperation with Atria Group consultants. For that, we want to say one big THANK YOU!

Anja Miladinović

Human Resources, Siemens


Who is this training for?

Managers who face the challenges of meeting management, conflict resolution, inefficient communication and employee demotivation

HR expert who wants to provide his employees with the highest quality development program

Team leaders who lead people of different characters and patterns of behavior

Everyone who wants to explore new approaches and tools to improve their personal development

By adopting the Process Comunication Model you will increase the capacity for adaptive communication as well as the degree of understanding of the complexity of human behavior. Practically, PCM allows you to predict the behavior of people in your environment. Through an insight into the deep structure of the personality, behavioral matrices in stress and the communication needs of all six personality types, you will establish healthy and positive interpersonal relationships.

  • 1. Preparation for the training
  • 2. Training

Each participant must complete the PCM assessment before the training, an online questionnaire based on the basic characteristics of 6 different personality types. After completing the questionnaire, participants receive very detailed information about the in-depth structure of their personality. The report will allow you to better understand yourself and your needs.

The report covers the following topics:

  • Unique personality structure
  • Personality strengths
  • Perceptual matrix analysis and the ability to observe from a “different angle” (you will
  • understand your needs and the needs of your interlocutors)
  • Personal preferences in interacting with others
  • Unique psychological needs – motivators for personal and professional success
  • Characteristic patterns of behavior in stress
  • An action plan that will help you prevent the escalation of negative behavioral manifestations in stressful situations

Through a carefully designed theoretical part and through practical interactive exercises, you will have the opportunity to apply the offered models and tools in working with different types in the personality (colleagues from the group).

Topics covered on this training:

  • PCM model
  • Different ways we are experiencing the world
  • Basic characteristics of 6 types of personality according to PCM Methodology (Thinker, Harmoniser, Imaginer, Persister, Promoter, Rebel)
  • How to recognize the personality structure of the interlocutor?
  • How different types of personalities communicate?
  • Nonverbal communication with different types of personality
  • How to make open communication with different interlocutors
  • How to recognize the needs of different interlocutors and build trust during the conversation 
  • How to recognize and overcome different defensive behaviors of different types of interlocutors

Process Communication Model is a brand under the group Atria Group, an international consulting company with a mission to provide its clients with the best possible solutions in the field of leadership development, professional and personal development.

Master the PCM model.

Recognize the essence of business communication and change the way you establish long-term business relationships.

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