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e-Learning platform

e-Learning platform gives the opportunity of blended learning – combination of training participation and online learning.

Including e-Learning platform in developing process, participants have a chance to, besides activities, exercise and support on training, learn outside of it, as well as to improve areas and previously gained matter.


Using this tool companies get:

  • Possibility of uploading their own materials on our platform
  • Content available for next generation of participants

Using this tool training participants get:

  • Possibility of constant communication with trainers
  • Possibility of giving feedback on training content, conduction and organisation
  • Preparation for training through theoretical platform content
  • Restore of gained knowledge through interactive exercises and tasks
  • Access to additional material for learning and integration


e-Learning enables an option of adjusting to client needs. Programs once set can be available years after completing the training. Atria Group gives the clients the opportunity to have the access to the content (presentation, audio and video recordings, text document, games, etc) that is exclusively designed for their needs.

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