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Emotional Capability

The training is dedicated to persons who want to work on improving relations with their colleges or team members and in that way improve cooperation and performance.

During the training, participants get:

  • Understanding term of emotional intelligence, as well as its meaning for personal functioning, individual and team productivity and successful communication on work
  • Insight in personal strengths and weaknesses in the field of emotional and social competences
  • Techniques for improving specific aspects of emotional intelligence
  • Practical strategies for better business communication
  • Understanding own motivation and motivation of people from environment

Training specific:

Optional part of this training is 360 degrees assessment of emotional intelligence competences. Report that participants get offers: – More objective starting point in process of knowledge and skills learning – Suggestion for developing activities for improving specific emotional intelligence competences

Expected outcome:

  • Better understanding of own emotions structure
  • Better emotions management in stressful situations
  • Improved communication with team members and cooperatives
  • Better motivation for work on personal development in the field of emotional intelligence

Training is based on Persona Global methodology and Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Model

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