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High Performance Team Coaching

Training High Performance Team Coaching is innovative program of Erickson Coaching International, created in order to help leaders and managers to overcome challenges that are facing while manging their team, to spark innovations and strategic thinking with use of specific value-based tools.  It is dedicated to professional coaches, trainers, managers and team leaders.

During the training, participants get:

Training High Performance Team Coaching is completely adjusted to the needs of each company, as well as to its employees, no matter its size and industry. During the training, participants will have an opportunity to learn about structure of team coaching, to work on improvement of facilitating skills, to work on skills necessary for defining team values, vision and mission as well as to work on skills necessary for better team meeting conducting.

Training specifics:

High Performance Team Coaching is ICF accredited training of Erickson Coaching International from Vancouver and it brings 14 CCEU, so it can help in renewing the accreditation. Training is conducted by accredited Erickson Coaching International trainers and coaches. It is conducted in English and Serbian and it lasts 3 days.


Expected outcome:

Ability to competently conduct team coaching sessions and team meetings

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