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Hydro Laos Simulation

One of the key skills of every manager is the ability to understand the needs and to build quality relations with different participants in the business process.

Balancing their interests and demands while maintaining the success of their own businesses is a challenge that exists in every industry and every company. In response to this challenge, Atria Group has prepared an online business simulation called “Hydro Laos Simulation”.

What is the simulation goal?

The simulation puts participants in the role of general manager of a company building a hydropower plant in Laos. Success in this task requires good management of relations with colleagues, suppliers, clients, investors and the local community, balancing their interests and an adequate communication strategy at any moment. By participating in this entertaining, interactive and realistic simulation, participants get knowledge of:

  • profiling and prioritizing participants in the business process
  • strategic thinking and observing different aspects of the project
  • making decisions when having conflicting interest
  • management of relations with participants in the business process (stakeholders)
  • defining the communication strategy and selecting the most appropriate channels of communication
  • balancing the relation between financial interests and the motivation of the people who influence the success of the project
  • using the impact network to receive adequate support

Strengthen relations with stakeholders and improve your business with LAOS simulation.

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