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The Persuasive Communicator

Training “The Persuasive Communicator” is dedicated to those who want to improve their communication skills in their working environment – with their colleges, clients, team members or their supervisors.

During the training, participants get:

  • Insight of their own communication style
  • Feedback from the others about their communication style, personal flexibility and empathy level
  • Method for evaluation of interlocutor’s communication style
  • Action plan for communication improvement with “tough” interlocutor – case study
  • Improvement of their personal flexibility in contact with different interlocutors

Training specifics:

Before the beginning of the training, participants will, by online assessment:

  • evaluate their own communication style
  • invite their co-workers to evaluate their communication style
  • create case study that consists of evaluation of one person that represents tough interlocutor for them

During the training, participants will get detailed report that consists of:

  • “Self-evaluation of communication style” report
  • “Communication style perceived by others” report
  • “Case study” report and suggestions for communication improvement with the tough interlocutor
  • – “Level of personal flexibility and empathy in communication” report

After completing the training, participants will get the access to Gameplan mobile application that is dedicated to training knowledge integration. Through this application participants will be able to profile unlimited number of interlocutors, and its use in period of 3 months is included in training price.

Company will also get group report that consists of team matrix of communication styles, as well as group result about level of team flexibility and empathy.


Expected outcome:

  • Better communication with different interlocutors
  • Decreased number of conflicts
  • Better management of potential conflicts
  • Bigger self-esteem
  • Better flexibility

Training is based on:

  • Persona Global communication style model
  • Persona Global building trust model

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