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Innovative Decision-Making

The training is dedicated to all-level managers, as well as to persons who daily meet with situations where they need to make important decisions.

During the training, participants get:

  • Simple and easy to understand frame for decision-making process
  • Insight in personal decision-making style
  • Practical set of tools for improving the process
  • Improving specific abilities that are the most important for the process

Training specifics:

  • Identification of areas where there is need for improvement of creative capacities
  • Improving competency in 4 key areas which have an impact on overall ability to make quality decisions

Expected outcome:

  • Adopted skills and tools for improving ability of decision making
  • Clear differentiation of left and right brain hemisphere functions
  • Use of concrete techniques for improving less used hemisphere in decision-making process
  • Organisation and conduction of decision in 4 phases of decision-making model
  • Use of adopted knowledge for decision-making in business situation
  • Creating development plan based on personal report and knowledge gained during two-day training

Training is based on Persona Global methodology nad Donald Shepherd’s creativity and effectivity level measurement questionnaire

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