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Internal Entrepreneurship

The training is dedicated to companies that seek to implement entrepreneurial mindset in their teams.

During the training, participants get:

  • Induction of undependable thinking
  • Creating experience in uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations
  • Stimulation for tacking over the control in uncertain situations
  • Stimulation for creating new ideas
  • Stimulation for taking over individual responsibility for ending result, product improvement and business process
  • Creative methods of work in situations with limited resources – managing trough complexity
  • Methods for improving discipline, focus and persistence

Training specifics:

  • Highly interactive training with large number of examples and tools from real entrepreneurial world

Expected outcome:

  • Entrepreneurial approach and new energy
  • Participants opened for new ideas, approaches and new opportunities
  • Sparked entrepreneurial talent for creating new ideas

Training is based on Atria Group methodology.

Do you want your employees to be top performers?

On our trainings they will improve key business skills and contribute to overall business result.