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Leadership Equity Assessment (LEA)

This assessment is dedicated to organisations that want to improve productivity, profitability, satisfaction of internal and external clients, as well as keeping key team members.


  • Persona Global

Assessment outcome:

Identification of key areas necessary for climate improvement inside the team and team effectivity through next categories:

  • Use of strengths and competences
  • Use of positive feedback
  • Setting expectations on workplace
  • Possession of necessary resources for work
  • Autonomy in work
  • Purpose and importance of work for an individual
  • Possibility for improvement
  • Atmosphere, inspiration and innovation
  • Possibility for use of new skills and competences on workplace
  • Support after decision making
  • Mutual support, help and respect


Tool is based on 25-year research by Gallup about employee motivation and leadership impact on team climate, level of team member engagement and work condition under control of team leader. Initial research included about 70 thousand managers and million employees in companies worldwide and the research is detailly documented and described in book “First forget all the rules”.

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