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Management Action Profile (MAP)

This assessment is dedicated to managers and team supervisors who want to take insight in assessing their managerial skills by their colleges, team members and their superiors.


  • Persona Global

Assessment outcome:

  • Identified factors that have an impact on successful managing
  • Overall and detailed picture about managerial skills, performance and working method
  • Understanding team functionality
  • Defined developing needs of managers in order to increase effectivity, efficiency and time optimisation invested in development


MAP is part of 360˚ assessments group. This tool evaluates indicators which are connected to next factors:

  • Information and communication
  • Team work and motivation
  • Development of potential and competences
  • Use of power and authority
  • Cooperation between organisational units
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Personal organisation
  • Leadership

Unlike similar tools, MAP shows Performance & Importance scale that gives insight not only into factors expression, but also into their relevance for team members. Also, it includes factor “Cooperation between organisational units” that is often excluded, even though it is really important for improvement of team cooperation and decrease of “silos” working style.

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