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Manager as Mentor

The training is dedicated to lower and middle management as well as to experts who are in the roles of mentors in the organisation.

During the training, participants get:

  • Understanding differences between mentoring and coaching approach in management
  • Understanding and meeting developing needs of team members
  • Techniques for goal setting on appropriate way and tracking the fulfilment
  • Techniques for motivating the employees on their way to meeting their goal
  • Understanding the role of feedback as a support in developing team members
  • Creating strategies for accepting and managing positive changes

Training specifics:

  • Apart from constant interactivity, this training is also conducted by some of our most experienced trainers.

Expected outcome:

  • Better understanding of the role and responsibility of manager as a mentor and educator
  • Understanding organisation dependability on educational methods
  • Empathy increase in working with people
  • Improved skills of constructive feedback giving
  • Better understanding of different methods of goal setting and their evaluation

Training is based on Persona Global methodology, Erickson Coaching International methodology and Atria Group methodology

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