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micro-Learning platform

micro-Learning platform enables our participants the access to educative content through mobile phones.

In short, dynamic and easy to integrate form. Beside support in skills developing, this platform can be used also for information exchange and education about technical knowledge. Companies through this application can place information about new product specifications, technical characteristics, important information about the company or they can also send messages to all the employees from management side.

Using this tool:

Companies enable development of their employees throughout modern, easy-to-use platform. On the other side participants:

  • On easy and funny way can determine gained knowledge or to prepare for the training.
  • By small time investment (3 to 5 minutes) can make a big step into gained knowledge integration.


  • This application actually represents mobile e-learning platform that has simple user interface that makes an impression of comfort and easiness. From administrative side, platform gives a possibility of detailed tracking of each user, which makes it very applicable for educational purpose within big companies. Process is following: after short video content, participants have to answer on few questions, 3 till 5; if they respond right to every question, the lesson is considered completed; anyway, if they answer wrongly only on one question, they cannot move to next video. Process is being repeated until participant gives all of the right answers.

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