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NLP Communication

This training is dedicated to the ones who are interested in use of NLP methodology in order to improve their communication.

During the training, participants get:

  • Understanding of representative systems
  • Understanding of the principles that are the base of good communication
  • Exercises for flexibility improvement
  • Exercises for better noticing the nonverbal elements of communication
  • Techniques for alignment with different interlocutors

Training specifics:

Apart from short theoretical part, training is interactive and it gives an opportunity for exercising through simulations, case studies, examples and demonstrations. Participants have the opportunity for practical exercise in situations outside of their comfort zone.

Expected outcome:

  • Better flexibility in communication
  • Improvement of active-listening skill
  • Improvement of clear and concrete message transferring
  • Better self-esteem

Training is based on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) methodology.

Do you want to improve communication in your company?

Our trainings will help your employees to improve their communication skills, set communication priorities and build confidence in business environment.