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NLP Master

Training is dedicated to individuals who participated in NLP Practitioner training with minimum of 130 hours of attendance.

Training benefits:

Training participants will have an opportunity to overcome advanced language forms of metamodels from work of Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls and advanced use of language forms by Milton Erickson. They will work on conviction elicitation and on techniques for changing personal useless convictions. With set “sleight of mouth” forms for questioning convictions they will work on personal metaphors and values. Participants will also learn more about model of Joseph Campbell “Hero’s journey” and they will work on their identity through techniques of “Internal team integration” and “Process Communication Model”. After the training they will know how to recognise, describe and transfer successful and simple strategies from one person to the other (implicit and explicit modelling).

Training specifics:

Training is acknowledged by the international NLP Global Standards Association from Canada.  Apart from lectures, the training includes following e-Learning platform and mobile application.

Overall duration of the training is 130 hours i.e. 18 days during which participants have the opportunity to make meaningful improvements in the fields of personal and professional development.


Expected outcome:

  • Deeper insight in personal values and convictions
  • Improvement of communication and influencing skills
  • Better understanding of own personality and personalities of different interlocutors
  • Developed ability of recognising, describing and transferring desirable, simple strategy

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