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NLP Practitioner

The training is dedicated to individuals who want to improve communication skills, change undesirable habits and set and achieve personal goals..

During the training, participants get:

The participants will overcome language forms for questioning useless convictions and language forms for influencing. They will also have an opportunity to learn about different techniques for motivation and self-motivation, changing habits, preparation for important business meetings, etc. The important segment of the training are modules that include strategies for planning and realising personal goals. During the period of six months participants will have a possibility to work with our trainers who have significant experience in work with big companies.

Training specifics:

Training is acknowledged by the international NLP Global Standards Association from Canada.  Training also includes following e-Learning platform and mobile application. Overall duration of the training is 130 hours i.e. 18 days during which participants have the opportunity to make meaningful improvements in the fields of personal and professional development.

Expected outcome:

  • Ability for setting personal goals
  • Ability to manage personal emotional state
  • Increased influence in communication
  • Developed ability of giving positive feedback
  • Increased ability of explaining
  • Improved ability of maintaining good relations with different interlocutors
  • Clear and effective message transfer

Discover your potential!

Our business NLP trainings will help you to improve your communication skills, set clear goals and work on yourself in supportive environment.