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NLP Trainer

The training is dedicated to individuals who have already participated in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master training with minimum attendance of 130 hours and who want to become specialised for conducting NLP trainings or just want to improve skills of training conducting and managing group processes.

Training benefits:

Upon completing the training, participants will build and develop own authentic trainer personality. They will develop the ability to recognise, track and manage group processes and to create and develop own training programs. Since the training is interactive, participant will work on improvement of own presentational skills during the period of six months. They will have an inspirational experience that will help them to create, design and organise own trainings using NLP forms.

Training specifics:

Training is acknowledged by the international NLP Global Standards Association from Canada.  Apart from lectures, the training includes following e-Learning platform and mobile application.

Overall duration of the training is 130 hours i.e. 18 days and it also includes mentoring sessions.

Expected outcome:

  • Ability to set training and work structure
  • Insight in the best and the most effective methods for training conduction
  • Different methods of approach to tough participants
  • Better self-esteem when working with group
  • Better emotion and behaviour management when facing group
  • Increased flexibility during the work with different participants

Become the NLP Trainer that motivates!

Education NLP Trainer will help you to master the skills of training conduction and group process management in contemporary business environment.