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Organizational Culture Change

This project is above all dedicated to middle and big enterprises which: Need to significantly change thinking style of managers and employees Need to implement different managerial style, new methods of work or different approach to business processes Tend to change business strategy Plan to step on new markets Are starting acquisition or merging process with another enterprise Are starting with organisational changes

Project specifics:

Key elements of successful implementation of project Organisational Culture Change are:

  • Support and total commitment to the project of top management and key leaders
  • Aligning of organisation’s management, taking over the project management and responsibility for the implementation
  • Focus on introducing and integrating new behaviours that are aligned with organisational culture
  • Including enough people into the change process
  • Aligning business processes with new organisational culture
  • Measuring, adapting and re-measurement

Typical project phases:

Typical project “Organisational Culture Change” consists of 5 phases where each of them has different specifics and clearly measurable business and behavioural indicators. Phases of organisational culture changes are:

  • Discovering
  • Development
  • Including
  • Widening
  • Sustainability

Expected outcome:

After completing the project, companies can meet better business results, increased work effectivity, better use of internal resources, as well as integration of desirable behaviours that support strategy of the company.

Do you want the project aligned with the needs of your company?

By combining assessment tools, trainings, shadowing processes, mentoring and individual and team coaching, we form one meaningful content that is aligned with your internal HR activities and needs.