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Organizational Efficiency Improvement

This project is dedicated to companies that meet low productivity or slow processes followed by resources wasting, as well as to the ones that do not have clearly defined responsibilities.

Project specifics:

Specificity of this project lies in the opportunity for managers to get exactly presented activity profitability of every position in the company that are being assessed. This project includes ValueView platform that represents innovative and efficient solution for listed problems. Algorithm of this platform, on easy and effective way, gives a deeper picture about unnecessary and unprofitable activities that employees undertake daily. Based on the evaluation, first profitability increase can happen by simple resources reallocation and abolishing of unprofitable activities.

Typical project phases:

  • Defining which positions will be evaluation realised for
  • Presentation of the project to the employees whose position’s efficiency will be evaluated
  • Describing activities of employees whose positions will be evaluated
  • Defining beneficiaries of listed activities
  • Evaluation of listed activities by beneficiaries
  • Creating report and action plans for efficiency improvement

Expected outcome:

After completing the project company can expect increased efficiency and profitability of organisational unit or company, reduced wasted energy and time, as well as better focus on improving and empowering the most important activities and processes within the company.

Do you want the project aligned with the needs of your company?

By combining assessment tools, trainings, shadowing processes, mentoring and individual and team coaching, we form one meaningful content that is aligned with your internal HR activities and needs.