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PC Gameplan

Persona Global mobile application PC Gameplan, for Android and iOS systems enables assessing communication styles of interlocutors.

It also represents platform for integration of gained knowledge on trainings which base is communication style model of Persona Global (The Persuasive Communicators, The Persuasive Salesperson, Building Effective Teams, Transition to Management Position, etc)


Using this tool:

Participants get unique follow up of the training that gives them the opportunity to, after assessing the communication style of their interlocutors, continuously improve their knowledge and skills. Main purpose of this application is to help participants integrate gained knowledge. Also, this application can help them to overcome future communication challenges or get right directions how to present their idea, product or service to concrete interlocutor.


After the training, participants get the opportunity to download the application from Google Play Store or Apple Store for unlimited profiling of different interlocutors during 3 months since the end of the training. After this period participants can prolong the application use, but this service will be charged additionally.

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