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PCM Communication

„PCM Communication” is advanced communication training that is firstly dedicated to experts, supervisors and managers that had already completed basic communication trainings.

During the training, participants get:

  • Insight of their own personality structure, strengths, weaknesses and preferred communication style
  • Understanding the differences between preferred communication channels of different interlocutors
  • Understanding different methods for tough communication with others
  • Design of personal strategy for communication improvement with other people

Training specifics:

Before the beginning of the training, participants, through online assessment, evaluate their own personality structure, and on the training, they get individualised PPI (Personality Profile Inventory) report based on PCM methodology. On the training participants will, through different activities and roll plays, exercise the use of PCM model and tools in various situations and in working with people of different personality structures.

Expected outcome:

  • Better understanding of own personality structure
  • Increased ability of emotion management
  • Better understanding of different interlocutors
  • Building more quality relations
  • Improved ability of impacting the others

Training is based on PCM (Process Communication Model) methodology.

Do you want to improve communication in your company?

Our trainings will help your employees to improve their communication skills, set communication priorities and build confidence in business environment.