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PCM (Process Communication Model) Coach

This training is, above all, dedicated to professional coaches and consultants, but also to managers and team leaders who apply coaching as their managerial style.

Training benefits:

During 9 training days participants will have an opportunity to meet the specifics of PCM model and to gain necessary knowledge about deep personal structure that is the base of PCM. According to PCM, every person represents unique combination of 6 types in personality that has certain characteristics and behaviours. Understanding of deep personality structure gives concrete answers on question why us or some of our employees, associates or clients gets into stress and how to prevent escalation of stress conditions.  Why can we easily get along with some people, while with other ones we often get into conflicts? PCM will forever change the way you communicate and it will provide you the possibility to completely understand yourself and your interlocutor.

Training specifics:

Participants who successfully complete this training get, from the owner of PCM model (Kahler Communication Europe), the possibility to use PPI (Personal Profile Inventory) assessment for work with their clients. Training is accredited by ICF, includes 22.25 CCEU (Continuing Coach Education Units) points and certification with international Kahler Communication Master trainer.


Expected outcome:

  • Self-awareness and purposeful understanding of others’ and own needs and actions
  • Ability to motivate clients of different types of personalities in order to achieve their goals
  • Recognising behaviour that implies stress and choice of right reaction
  • Standing out on growing market because of the possibility to use PPI assessment in work with clients

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