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PCM (Process Communication Model) Trainer

This training is dedicated to professional trainers and individuals whose work includes trainings and development of the others.

Training benefits:

During the training participants get advanced knowledge about PCM model. This training is highly interactive and it insists lot on participation of training memebers. It is completely focused on group and team work.

Training specifics:

Participants who successfully complete this training get, from the owner of PCM model (Kahler Communication Europe), the possibility to use PPI (Personal Profile Inventory) assessment for work with groups. In addition, they have the opportunity to get certified by international Kahler Communication Master trainer and that gives the participants right to individually conduct the training Kahler Communication Master trainer.

Expected outcome:

After completing the training, participants have gained advanced knowledge about PCM model and they know how to apply it in work with groups and teams.

Participants also get the opportunity to conduct the training individually or as our internal trainers.

Become the PCM trainer that motivates!

Through PCM methodology and tools make significant difference in your business and in employees’ development.