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PCM Trainer – Your new career in the field of personal and professional development

PCM Trainer

Your new career in personal and professional development

Date: June 4-6th 2024


In the circles of HR professionals, top managers and coaches, PCM is recognized as a premium tool for personal and professional development and as one of the most influential communication models of today. PCM is so influential that it has found its place in NASA, the White House, but also in some of the most influential companies today.


By joining the community of certified PCM professionals, you not only enrich your professional and personal experience but also gain a whole new career.

PCM trainers and coaches have a wide range of areas of work that include:

organizing open PCM trainings,

Individual work with clients through analysis and interpretation of their PCM reports

 application of PCM within companies in the field of organizational culture development, change management, recruitment and selection process, team formation, etc.


PCM is a method based on transactional analysis and the founder of this model, dr. Taibi Kahler received the prestigious Bern Award for her discovery.

Unlike other development methods, PCM is the only tool on the market that deals with the deep structure of personality. While other communication methods deal with words, gestures and behavior, PCM also deals with the reasons that trigger human actions.

A person can make mistakes in his work, but a machine cannot. The reliability of the PCM report is based on an algorithmic solution when creating a personal profile, while the coach or trainer subsequently only interprets the solutions thus obtained.

PCM doesn’t offer generalized solutions to communication challenges. Instead, PCM personalizes stress and reveals a predictive pattern of entering stress and coping with the life changes of each individual individually.

PCM is the only model that indicates the possible direction of future change within an individual.

You will learn how to communicate with different types of people to meet their specific psychological needs.


You need to get a PCM coach or coach certificate.

Atria Group is an authorized distributor of Kahler Communication Europe and the only company in our region that organizes train the trainer PCM education.

Our certificate is internationally recognized, which means that it allows you to work both in our market and any market in the world.


PCM Trainer training consists of 4 separate modules.

The training will be in English.

Modules 3 and 4 are performed in the presence of master trainers from Kahler Communication Europe who are also the only ones authorized to certify future trainers..

Module 1

During this module, participants have the opportunity to learn the basics of the PCM model and its possible applications in coaching. During the first module, participants also receive a report on the in-depth structure of their own personality in order to discover the benefits of knowing and applying this model in their own example.

Note: the content of Module 1 of the “PCM Trainer” Training is the same as the content of the “Discover PCM” training.

Topics covered on this module:

  • PCM Model
  • The different ways we experience the world
  • Basic characteristics of 6 personality types per PCM (Thinker, Harmonizer, Imaginer,
  • Persister, Promoter, Rebel)
  • How to recognize a client’s personality structure
  • How to present a coaching project to different clients
  • Ways of communicating with clients who have different personality structures
  • How do we choose which words to use when talking to different clients
  • How to create an adequate atmosphere for working with different clients
  • How to help clients with different personality structures set goals
  • How to recognize the needs of different clients and build trust through a coaching conversation
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Module II

This module aims to introduce participants to specific topics and processes whose appearance they can expect during coaching sessions with clients of different personality structures. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the in-depth personality factors that affect a client’s reactions during coaching. Participants also receive detailed guidance on possible interventions in working with different personality types, especially in situations where they observe dysfunctional behaviors or resistances in the client.

Topics covered on this module:

  • What coaching questions do we ask?
  • How PCM can help us anticipate key client topics to be addressed during coaching
  • How to recognize dysfunctional patterns of behavior in the client in time
  • Stress reactions of different personality types and possible ways of intervention at that moment
  • Differences in approach depending on the client’s stress level
  • How to encourage the commitment of different clients to achieve the set goals
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Module III and Module IV + certification

After completing the first and second modules, participants go through the next two phases of training led by a PCM Master Trainer authorized by Kahler Communication Europe.

  • By going through mentoring sessions with a coach, participants will gain insight into their strengths and developmental areas as future coaches and coaches.
  • They will work on recognizing all the necessary patterns of behavior in the training participants and how to face the challenges in teamwork with their clients.
  • They will go through group dynamics management techniques and through practical application they will practice their skills in working with a coach and a group.
  • The certification process consists of taking a written test and additional supervisory coaching sessions during which participants conduct coaching sessions using the PCM model.

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HR and business managers

who want to deliver the highest quality training to their employees and encourage satisfaction within their teams


who want to adapt their communication to each participant and group member, and to encourage participant satisfaction

Trainers and coaches

who want their clients to deliver one of the most renowned educational programs in the world


who want to deliver the highest value for their clients


who want to encourage the development of communication skills and emotional intelligence in children and youth

To all those who deal with public speaking

and who are in challenging communication with different people daily

We can say with certainty that PCM is the education of the future, and the spread of this methodology in companies and accredited schools speaks for itself. The international community of PCM professionals is growing day by day and they are all working hard to spread the influence of this method guided by the mantra “PCM everywhere, PCM for everyone”. Considering that Atria Group has been recognized for years as a company that creates professional trainers and coaches, we are pleased to have training for PCM Trainers.

Implement the most advanced programs and tools!

Add PCM into your skills and achieve personal and professional goals!

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