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Personality and Ability Assessment

This training is dedicated to HR professionals, recruiters and managers who want to improve skills of assessing team members and potential employees.

Training benefits:

Participants will get the ability to quickly choose best candidate based on given criteria, using some of hundred different tests by SHL Talent Measurement portfolio. They will also learn how to start reorganisation and restructuring process by choosing best roles for current employees aligned with their natural potential and current development of competences. After the training, they will know how to work on colleges and team development i.e. how to identify developing needs and potentials of each employee and how to set transition and career planning processes.

Training specifics:

This training gives the participants the opportunity to use e-Learning platform for training preparation. Participants who successfully complete this training get internationally acknowledged certificate and opportunity to become member of The British Psychological Society and European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.


Expected outcome:

  • More objective assessing process
  • Independence in use and interpretation of wide portfolio of tests and questionnaires
  • Quality selection and recruiting process for different levels in the organisation
  • Improved ability of setting the objective team and individual development plans
  • Setting objective criteria for reorganisation, restructuring, transition and career planning within the organisation

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