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Persuasive Communicator

The most important thing in any type of relationship is the communication. When dealing with a job that involves contact with different people, it happens that we make communication mistakes and we do not achieve the effect we wanted.

We ask ourselves, “How do I get them interested in my story?”, “How do I break the barrier with a shy people I don’t get any feedback from?”, “I often go extensively and get interrupted, and

if I give the information briefly, I get the impression that they were expecting more and there is an unpleasant pause”, “In my team there is a lot of different people, how can I motivate each one of them?”, etc.

What will you learn on online Persuasive Communicator training?

Whether our job is selling, managing, training, or just talking, it is important to understand that the main rule is to approach the interlocutor the way he or she is willing to hear us, but first we need to hear for ourselves. Persuasive communicator is a model of communication styles that will provide you exactly that.

What is the goal of Persuasive Communicator training?

When we hold firmly to our position and always act in the same style of communication, without paying any attention to the communication needs of our interlocutor, there is a little chance that we will create successful relationships with people who are different from us. That is why it is important to raise awareness of all our communication forces and developing areas, because in order to achieve long-term effect, communication should be seen as a strategic process that will enable top results and relationships.

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