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Profesional Presentation Live

The training is dedicated to professionals who often conduct presentations in public or internally in their organisations, but mostly for experts who conduct meetings, present plans or budgets in front of company’s board. It is also dedicated to professional trainers, as well as to persons who are getting ready for an interview or a promotion.

During the training, participants get:

  • Necessary knowledge about presentation structure, preparation and conduction
  • Methods for adjustment to target audience
  • Possible strategies for giving answers on challenging questions
  • Necessary knowledge for creating effective Power point presentation
  • Methods of nonverbal signals to emphasize impression or message
  • Possible methods for overcoming stage fright

Training specifics:

The training consists of two parts – first one is dedicated to getting knowledge and practical experience, while the second one represents two-hour long individual session on virtual reality simulator. Through this activity participants have the opportunity to apply gained knowledge meanwhile being recorded and having pressure measured in every moment of presentation. After this activity, participants, with the trainer, go through presentation video and get individual feedback.

Expected outcome:

  • Presentation structure
  • Easy presentation conduction in front of different audience types
  • Bigger self-esteem during the presentation
  • Better influencing skills

Training is based on Persona Global methodology and Atria Group methodology

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