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Resilience – Stress Management

The training is dedicated to persons who are facing with the pressure or stress on daily level due to a lot of work, short deadlines and changeable environment.

During the training, participants get:

  • Understanding stress causes
  • Seven key skills for stress management
  • Increasing physical and mental resistance
  • Practical tools for increasing stress resistance
  • Questioning convictions that led to stress
  • Relaxation and calming techniques

Training specifics:

This training gives an opportunity to include personal resilience assessment and based on it the participants will get an insight about their own level of stress resistance, as well as suggestions for next action steps. In the same time, this sort of assessment represents particular case study for each individual which makes this training individualised and specially created to respond on needs of every participant. Training can last one or two days.

Expected outcome:

  • Easier overcoming stressful situations in short term
  • Better flexibility when facing challenges
  • Easier recognition of positive aspects of stressful situations
  • Higher level of stress resistance

Training is based on Persona Global methodology

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