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Retail Selling & Service

Training “Retail Selling & Service” is dedicated to employees in retail and its goal is to improve sales process and to increase sales results.

During the training, participants get:

  • Systematic approach to sales service in retail objects
  • Possibility to improve from good to great salesperson
  • Strategy for improvement of client’s experience and model for sales increasement
  • Strategy for approach and communication with clients
  • Up-selling and cross-selling strategies

Training specifics:

The training consists of great number of simulations. Before the beginning, participants have the assignment to prepare case study based on practical experience. Also, the training includes the mystery shopper as a person who visited retail shop before training and got an insight about sales approach of training participants.

Expected outcome:

  • More effective sales and sales results increasement
  • Efikasnija prodaja i rast prodajnih rezultata

Training is based on Atria Group methodology

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Our trainings will help you to improve sales performances of your employees and get the best results in sales process.