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Salesperson Competences Improvement in B2B Sales

This project is dedicated to companies that are focused on B2B sales and that tend to precisely define areas for development of their salespersons. The project gives the companies an opportunity to direct their developing activities to sales segments where they really need improvement.

Project specifics:

Project includes assessment trough SCA (Sales Competency Assessment) tool. Beside self-evaluation, this tool gives a feedback from superior and from clients too. As a result, salespersons get information about overall impression they leave on clients and superiors, and also their own perspective through 7 phases of selling process and 6 areas that support the sales. Beside sales competences evaluation, this tool includes evaluation of sales knowledge, so the report consists of crossed results of particular sales phases and competences assessment of salespersons that are connected with these phases. The developing activities for salespersons are being created based on SCA assessment result and they can include training, coaching or mentoring.


Typical project phases:

  • SCA assessment
  • Debrief for salespersons
  • Defining areas for improvement with management
  • Creating and implementing developing activities
  • Re-measuring

Expected outcome:

  • Better sales result
  • Better relations with clients and superiors

Do you want the project aligned with the needs of your company?

By combining assessment tools, trainings, shadowing processes, mentoring and individual and team coaching, we form one meaningful content that is aligned with your internal HR activities and needs.