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Our programs are accredited by leading international organizations:

  • International Coach Federation
  • International Society for Performance Improvement
  • NLP Global Standards


International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a leading global coaching organization founded with the aim of empowering and improving of coaching as an art and science.  ICF is achieving this goal by setting high standards in coaching practice, certifying coaches and creating a global coaching network. Programs of Erickson College for which Atria Group is licensed satisfy the so called ”golden standard” of the biggest, global coaching association – ICF, which proves its high quality. After the participation in the program of Erickson College, “The Art and Science of Coaching”, and coaches with the experience of 100 coaching hours become certified ICF Professional Coaches.


The International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) is an international organization dedicated to improving coaching by  determining  ethical standards of coaching profession. The company Atria Group is a member of ICI’s, because its coaching programs meet the highest standards set by this association.


International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is an organization dedicated to improving productivity, developing competence and performance in the workplace.  Persona Global, whose partner Atria Group is, is also a member of this organization. This means that Persona’s methodologies, training and assessment tools are based on a highly developed technology for improving human performance, which allows Persona to meet the individual needs of their clients. The same technology is also available to Atria Group, as Persona’s representative for Serbia.


NLP Global Standards is a leading international NLP association that prescribes the highest standards for NLP training, adopted by NLP communities around the world. NLP associations and NLP members accredited by the NLP Global Standards Association are guaranteed that their NLP programs meet the highest standards prescribed by this association. The NLP Center is a member of the association and its NLP programs are accredited by the NLP Global Standards Association.

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