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Strategic Thinking – Building the Hydroelectric Dam Simulation

The training is dedicated to managers of all levels, as well as to professionals that communicate with large number of people inside and outside of the company.

During the training, participants get:

  • Experience of experimental learning and knowledge about using principals of successful communication with different stakeholders
  • Methods of right-choice making with balance between relevant business factors Insight in different methods of decision-making

Training specifics:

This simulation provides experimental learning through computer platform where participants can see simulated reality – every decision immediately affects profitability of the project in which case participants have total responsibility over goal fulfilling and feedback about the effects that come from consequences of their decisions.

Expected outcome:

  • Improved ability of choosing key stakeholders in project and meeting their communication need
  • Improving personal flexibility in approach to people of different cultural background
  • Knowledge about basic principles of influence and communication with stakeholders

Training is based on Ososim methodology and Persona Global methodology

Develop your employees through innovations!

Through the most contemporary business simulations improve skills of change management, communication and decision making and develop risk management skills.