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Successful Negotiator

Training Successful Negotiator is dedicated to professionals whose job is sales, purchase and different negotiations in business context.

Successful Negotiator

During the training, participants get:

  • Understanding of different negotiation strategies and their use
  • Insight in their own negotiation style
  • Understanding the differences between position and interest negotiations
  • Phases of the negotiation process
  • Understanding of non-ethical negotiation strategy and its approach
  • Understanding of the term BATNA and practical examples
  • 10 mini strategies for improvement of negotiation position

Training specifics:

Besides short interactive exercises, training also consists of negotiation simulation where participants have a chance to try presented models.

Expected outcome:

  • Better self-esteem when presenting during the negotiations
  • Increased percent of closed negotiations with both-sided satisfaction
  • Better preparation for negotiation
  • Better long-term business results

Training is based on „Win-win” negotiation model, Robert Cialdini influence model and Persona Global negotiation model.

Successful Negotiator

Do you want to improve negotiation skills in your company?

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