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The Art and Science of Coaching

Training is dedicated to individuals who want to become professional coaches, but also to those who would like to use coaching in everyday work, such as trainers, managers, HR professionals and mentors.

Training benefits:

Training The Art and Science of Coaching is the only ACTP regional program accredited by ICF, which means that it is one of the most quality coaching trainings in the world. During 16 training days, participants will have the opportunity to develop eleven basic competences of professional coaches by ICF standards. Through continuous development of skills of active listening and useful question-making, participants will significantly improve their communication skills. Effective coaching techniques can be implemented in the most different situations: coaching sessions, communication with team members and stakeholders, as well as family and friends relationships. Coaching is a proven methodology that helps coaches to develop intuition while working with clients, but it also helps managers to motivate their employees and to support them in their career path. The structure of coaching conversation, that consists of 4 phases, as well as the questions that are being used, are easy to implement both in professional and personal life segment.

Training specifics:

The Art and Science of Coaching is one of the most widespread, ICF accredited, coaching programs in the world with more than 40 thousand participants. Trainers credibility, quality of the training as well as representatives in 85 countries and 39 years long tradition are the main qualities that are making this training the most wanted training from the portfolio of Erickson Coaching International from Canada. Training consists of 4 modules conducted by ICF accredited professional coaches. It is conducted in English and Serbian. Training includes e-Learning platform where participants can follow lectures and demonstrations by Marylin Atkinson, the founder of Erickson College. Overall training duration is 16 days.


Expected outcome:

  • Deeper insight in personal values and convictions
  • Improvement of communication and influential skills
  • Better understanding of own personality and of the interlocutor
  • Developed ability of recognising, describing and transferring desirable, simple strategy

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