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The Persuasive Salesperson

Training “The Persuasive Salesperson” is dedicated to the ones whose job is B2B sales: sellers, key account managers, business developers, sales managers, etc.

During the training, participants get:

  • Structured process of conducting the sales conversation – from preparation phase till closing phase and post-sales activities
  • Strategies for win-win results in sales

Training specifics:

Participants have the opportunity to get:

  • “Self-evaluation of personal sales style” report
  • “Sales style from the perspective of others” report
  • “Tough client” report and suggestions about improving sales approach
  • “Personal flexibility and empathy level in sales” report

Training consists of well-designed and proven sales process, that participants will test during the training.

Expected outcome:

  • Better organisation
  • Strategical sales approach
  • Increased number of successful acquisitions

Training is based on Persona Global communication sales styles model and Persona Global sales process model

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