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Train The Trainer

The training is dedicated to internal trainers of the company.

During the training, participants get:

  • Directions for preparation – form, program, content
  • Techniques for opening and closing
  • Methods for responding on tough questions, as well as for approach to tough participants
  • Insight in basic principles of Power Point presentation use
  • Opportunity to practise some of training elements
  • Ways to create exercises and activities for participants
  • Knowledge about group activities for energy boost – how and when
  • Methods for training evaluation

Training specifics:

  • This practical training is conducted by most experienced trainers of our company who already conducted more than 500 training days in their career.

Expected outcome:

  • Systematic approach to training preparation, realisation and evaluation
  • Techniques for managing group dynamic
  • Knowing learning methods for adults
  • Knowing good characteristics of the training and of the trainer
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Knowing different forms of training conduction

Training is based on Atria Group methodology

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