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Transition to Management Position

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to a manager position or your development plan is to become a manager. This improvement is a result of your previous success and the fact that your potential has been recognized. Now is the right time to develop professional competencies that will guarantee you success in a managerial position.

What is necessary for you to do in order to be a great manager?

In order to be a good or even great manager, now is the time to redirect your focus and get a whole new set of skills that will greatly contribute to the success of your team as well.

Current competencies will certainly help you set the criteria for good performance, but how you transfer knowledge, identify and develop the potential of your team members will now depend on new skills and strategies that should always be aligned with the goals of the company.

Learn how to reflect your success through the team you develop

It is your job now to learn how to accomplish team goals together with the individuals who will successfully respond to the demands you set in front of them rather than doing the work only by yourself. Therefore, your main focus should be on managing your employees’ work and supporting their high performance. This requires a fundamental shift in perception and action steps. This does not neglect the fact that many first level managers remain “work managers” who are expected to fulfill a functional role outside of their team leadership role.

However, in order to truly become a great manager, it is time to focus your efforts on talent recognition, mentoring, effective delegation so that your team members can achieve team and business goals and that your work performance is recognized by your superiors. Exactly these are the topics that we are going to cover on this training.

Be the manager whose team achieves great results!

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