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ValueView is dedicated to organisations that are going through or beginning transformation process, as well as to professionals whose job is evaluation of job and activity for each workplace.


  • Persona Global

Assessment outcome:

  • Identification of unprofitable activities that need to be eliminated in order to cut expenses
  • Identification of activities that require more effort and investments
  • Better organisation’s effectivity only by reallocating resources, without additional expenses
  • Evaluation of activities per each position and feedback about their profitability
  • Base for redefining job descriptions and for potential reorganisation


ValueView is innovative tool that evaluates profitability of every activity of each position within an organisation. The process is following: selected individuals make a list of activities they accomplish during their working time, as well as the beneficiaries (i.e. employees who have benefits from it)

  • Is stated activity necessary for you in order to successfully do your job?
  • How much benefits do you get from this activity?

Complex algorithm processes the data and generates activity lists per each position and their profitability.

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