Wallbreakers | Atria Group


The training is dedicated to managers of all levels, as well as to persons who currently do not lead a team, but they participate in or make important decisions in the company.

During the training, participants get:

  • Possibility to go through the process of change management in safe environment, as well as to create experience about consequences of different, good or bad, leadership decisions on team dynamics.

Training specifics:

WallBreakers simulation is based on set of well-proved theories about personality types, management, organisational culture and change processes, including theories of authors such as John Kotter, Rick Maurer and Daniel Goleman.

It is conducted as a simulation that is based on game dynamic and the whole program is created as case study about the process of change management. Through work in small groups, participants have an opportunity to experience consequences of different leadership and managerial decisions in one organisation on the spot.

Expected outcome:

  • Increased self-awareness of managers about their leadership style
  • Insight in consequences of different managerial and leadership decisions
  • Defining priorities through implementing changes and resources allocation
  • Creating mutual referential frame for team that works on changes implementation and that faces with possible resistance

Training is based on Workz, Persona Global methodology.

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